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What to do near Manahawkin, NJ this summer

May 14, 2024 What to do near Manahawkin, NJ this summer
We're all hoping to escape from confinement this summer and enjoy summer at the Shore. There are some big question marks, of course, but hopefully better days are ahead! After all, the Jersey Shore is a great place to spend a week or a long weekend, especially the area around Barnegat (where our offices are located) and Manahawkin. The beaches are gorgeous, the shopping is great, the sun and surf are always welcome. It’s amazing how such great attractions can… Read More
May 8, 2024 Getting Dental Braces: A Complete Guide
Getting dental braces is a major decision, especially if you are an adult. While most teenagers get braces to align their teeth during their growing years, many adults are often skeptical about it. Dental braces are no longer an unpopular trend, in fact, they are a popular option that many people opt for to improve the overall look and feel of their teeth. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the benefits of getting dental braces, how they work and… Read More
April 24, 2024 25 Amazing Facts About Teeth!
Teeth! We see them every day. We work with them every day. That’s no surprise, we’re dentists, after all! Even so, they never cease to amaze us. We bet you’ll be amazed, too, when you read some of these incredible facts about your pearly whites: Surveys indicate that 50% of people say that someone’s smile is the first thing they notice. The hardest part of your body? Your tooth enamel. Some 80% of dental injuries sustained by children are to… Read More
April 17, 2024 4 Easy Steps To A Great Beach Vacation In NJ
There are few vacation spots that manage to combine convenience, price and atmosphere as well as New Jersey’s shore communities. They are more easily accessible to the entire northeast than any other coastal region. Jersey Shore towns tend to be far more affordable than other popular coastal retreats. And when it comes to capturing the kind of coastal lifestyle that so many find alluring, few regions have been doing it longer (and better) as the NJ shore communities have. But… Read More
April 10, 2024 The Ultimate Guide to Tooth Enamel: What It Is, Its Importance, and How to Maintain It
Tooth enamel. You have probably heard your local dentist mention it a lot. Tooth enamel is the hard, outermost layer of your teeth that protects them from decay and damage. Despite being the strongest substance in your body, enamel can become eroded due to factors like poor dental hygiene, acidic foods, and excessive alcohol, tobacco, or drug use. When enamel wears down, it can lead to sensitivity, toothache, and infection. But with proper care and attention, you can strengthen your… Read More
April 3, 2024 What you NEED to know about flossing!
Look, we understand. A lot of people just don’t like to floss. In fact, up to half of all Americans don’t floss as often as they should. But since flossing helps protect you from oral infections, bad breath, gum disease and more, this is really not a good thing! Take a look at these 10 things you may not know about flossing and perhaps you’ll change your mind about this all-important hygiene habit. Some dentists in Southern Ocean County recommend flossing before… Read More
March 27, 2024 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Your Checkup
It's easy to put off a dentist appointment, especially if you're feeling healthy. But did you know that skipping your checkup could actually lead to bigger problems down the road? Here are 5 reasons why it's important to see your dentist near Manahawkin on a regular basis: 1. Prevention Visiting the dentist regularly is the best way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Regular checkups can help catch any issues early, allowing your dentist to provide quick treatment before… Read More
March 20, 2024 The Importance of Oral Health for Senior Citizens
The Importance of Oral Health for Senior Citizens Oral health is an essential aspect of overall health, especially for senior citizens near Barnegat. It is common for older adults to experience various dental problems, such as gum diseases, tooth decay, and oral cancer. Poor oral health can lead to various complications such as heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes. To maintain good oral health, it is important for seniors to practice proper oral hygiene and visit their dentist regularly. In… Read More
March 13, 2024 Everything You Need to Know About Dental Crowns
Have you ever wondered what a dental crown is, and how it works? If so, then you've come to the right place! This article will provide you with all the necessary information about dental crowns, including what they are, their uses, and how to properly care for them. So whether you're considering getting one or just curious about what a dental crown can do for your oral health, this guide will enlighten you on everything you need to know about… Read More
March 6, 2024 How To Find The Best Jersey Shore Summer Rentals
If there is one thing that is true about the New Jersey coast, it’s that it is a fantastic place to vacation. There is a reason why millions of people make their way to the shore each summer: there is a lot to do in a beautiful location. While towns like Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant attract a lot of day trips, Long Beach Island rentals are popular because this extended community offers the kind of amenities suited for long… Read More