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You won’t BELIEVE these 25 facts about teeth!

November 22, 2021 You won’t BELIEVE these 25 facts about teeth!
Dentists see teeth every day. They work with them every day. They know them inside and out.   Despite all this up close and personal experience, teeth never cease to amaze the people in your Ocean County dental office. We bet you’ll be amazed as well when you read some of these amazing facts about your pearly white teeth: Babies only have about 20 teeth. Once you grow into an adult, you get your full set of 32 teeth. Surveys… Read More
November 15, 2021 Why we love living and working in Ocean County, NJ
Ever thought about living near coast of New Jersey, especially in towns like Manahawkin, Forked River and Barnegat? If you haven’t before, you sure will after reading these seven reasons why it’s AWESOME: 1) Easy Access To Recreation If you want recreation, there are few better places to be than the beach, especially in Southern Ocean County and Long Beach Island. Surfing, boating, fishing, swimming, sun bathing, games, music, paddle boarding, night clubs, nature preserves, food festivals, and so much more we… Read More
November 8, 2021 Top 6 reasons people get dental implants
These days, few dental procedures are becoming more commonplace than getting dental implants. To put it in the most basic terms, a dental implant is an artificial root used to support various dental prosthesis, such as dentures, crowns, and so on. They are a part of a wide array of procedures, from some types of false teeth to full dental reconstruction. Our doctors at Bayside work with experienced surgeons and coordinate your care through each phase of treatment. Once the… Read More
November 1, 2021 6 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle for the Better
Health and wellness surged to the forefront of people's concerns due to the pandemic. But even before the time of lockdowns and quarantines, young people were already becoming more concerned about how they're living their life. According to a survey, 66 of millennials or people aged over 20 want to live healthier lifestyles. People who are younger who belong to Gen Z are even more concerned with their health, with 70 percent of this generation wanting to lead healthier lives.… Read More
October 27, 2021 Some GREAT reasons to take care of your teeth and gums!
The health of your mouth is important – probably more important than you realize. Good habits can improve your oral health, and can also improve your overall health as well. The bottom line is simple: visiting your dentist serving Manahawkin is a big deal to your overall well being! In fact, there is strong scientific evidence that your oral health can have a direct role in the health of your entire body. It’s true! Read the following and you’ll see… Read More
October 20, 2021 Jersey Shore Towns You Should Visit Next Summer
Life at the Jersey Shore is pretty great. That much is clear if you ask the people who live there.   It’s even pretty great for visitors, provided you’re visiting the right communities. Have no fear, though, we have a list of six towns that you should add to your “must visit” list if you want to have a good time when the weather is good. Between the six you’ll find relaxation, fun, excitement, and more. Check them out: Ocean… Read More
October 13, 2021 What You Need To Know About Toothpaste Before You Buy
Toothpaste is one of the most important tools in your oral health arsenal!  But keep in mind that your Ocean County dentist will tell you that you have to choose the right type of toothpaste if you want your brushing to be as effective as it can be. Wait, there can be a right and wrong kind of toothpaste? Actually, yes! You really can use the wrong type of toothpaste! The fact is, not all toothpastes are made to work… Read More
October 6, 2021 6 Great Ideas For Next Summer’s Vacation Near Manahawkin & LBI
The Jersey Shore is a fantastic place to spend a vacation. The beaches are beautiful, the shopping is great, the sun and surf are excellent. Those of us who live and work here have to remind ourselves that it’s amazing how such great attractions can be so close to home! Hopefully things will be back to normal next summer, and if they are, here are some things to look forward to:   Fishing – The Long Beach Island region has a… Read More
September 29, 2021 How the pros brush their teeth
It might surprise you to learn this, but your Southern Ocean County dentist will verify that it’s true: a huge number of patients do not brush their teeth properly. It’s true.  This part of our daily routine might appear as if it should be something easy and simple to do, but the truth is that even the best of us can start to pick up bad habits over the years.   And as we all know, once those bad habits… Read More
September 22, 2021 Don’t be shy, the dentist won’t bite!
Fear of the dentist is such a common fear it’s practically a movie cliché at this point. It has featured in sitcoms (Seinfeld’s hilarious dentist, Tim Whatley was played by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, and he was a very scary dentist) and in movies. There have been entire books written on the subject, and the reason is simple: It’s a fear that many people share. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s very possible to overcome your fear… Read More