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7 Secrets Jersey Shore Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

February 28, 2024 7 Secrets Jersey Shore Hotels Don’t Want You To Know
If you’re ready for your vacation at the Jersey Shore and you are getting set to book a Long Beach Island hotel, fantastic! We’re sure you’re going to have a great time. But if you want to maximize your experience, you’ll want to know some of these 7 hotel secrets Long Beach Island hotels don’t want you to know! Read on: The worst time to call and try to get a special request pushed through is between 9am and 1pm. Those are… Read More
February 21, 2024 How to Care for Your Teeth in Manahawkin, NJ
The first line of defense in the war against all things that harm your mouth – tooth decay, gum disease and more – is a deceptive simple weapon: your toothbrush. It's the tool that will give you great teeth in Manahawkin! The toothbrush has been around for millennia, though not always as we know it. The ancient Egyptians frayed tiny branches in order to create their toothbrushes. The 15 Century Chinese used natural bristles to create something very much like to… Read More
February 14, 2024 It’s time to book your week in a Long Beach Island summer home!
Summer will be here before you know it, so if you want a Jersey Shore vacation, the time to start planning is NOW! On Fridays during the summer, the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike are often backed up with traffic. These aren’t people going home from work or on their way to the world’s largest pizza party. They are coming to the beautiful New Jersey Coast - and since our dentist office in Ocean County is right near the coast,… Read More
February 7, 2024 Brushing Up On the Basics: An Overview of Different Types of Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes have come a long way over the years, evolving from rudimentary twig-and-string contraptions to electric rotary models with multiple brush heads - and as dentists in Ocean County, we couldn't be happier! While the technology has certainly improved, so has our awareness of the various types of toothbrushes out there and how they can benefit our oral health. Let's look at an overview of the different types of toothbrushes – from manual to power – to help you choose… Read More
January 31, 2024 5 times you need to see a dentist ASAP
If you’re like most people, you’ll invent a host of reasons to avoid seeing your dentist. Don’t worry, we’re not insulted. We’re used to it by now! But the fact of the matter is, if you begin to experience one of these five conditions, you really need to see your Barnegat dentist as soon as possible. It may help you avoid a lot of misery down the road! Toothache A toothache is nothing to take lightly. The pain you’re experiencing… Read More
January 17, 2024 These 5 oral health problems are more common than you think
We all have mouths – life would be hard without one – and we all need to take care of them. The thing about oral health is that it’s a diverse area. Some dental problems are minor and some can be simply devastating. What sort of problems? Read along as we count down the five most common dental problems in America and to see just what is making people (and their teeth) suffer out there: 5) Mouth Sores There are… Read More
January 11, 2024 Discovering the Truth about your Tongue: A Guide to Keeping it Clean and Healthy
Your tongue is a vital organ that plays numerous roles in your body such as tasting, speaking, and swallowing. It’s a muscle with an intricate network of nerves, blood vessels, and taste buds that work together to ensure that you enjoy all the different flavors of your favorite foods. Furthermore, your tongue is also a great indicator of your overall health, as certain conditions often manifest with symptoms on your tongue. Let's take a closer look at the different ailments… Read More
January 3, 2024 An Easy-to-Understand Guide to Dental Braces
For many people, the decision to get dental braces is an easy one. But for some, it can be a little more complicated. If you're on the fence about whether or not to get braces, this article will help make your decision easier. In this post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about getting braces – from what they are, to how much they cost, to how long they will need to be worn. We'll also dispel some of… Read More
December 20, 2023 Beware! These 7 Foods and Drinks Will Stain Your Teeth
Oh no! These 7 Foods and Drinks Will Stain Your Teeth Do you want a white smile? If so, then you need to avoid these seven foods and drinks! They are known to stain teeth and cause yellowing over time. If you can't give up these items entirely, then be sure to brush your teeth regularly and use a teeth whitening toothpaste or treatment. With a little effort, you can keep your pearly whites looking great for years to come!… Read More
December 13, 2023 Don’t Let Mouth Sores Bother You: A Comprehensive Guide
Mouth sores are common and can be bothersome and painful. They can affect anyone, from children to older people. But, what exactly are they, and what causes them? What should you do if you develop one, and how can you prevent them from happening in the future? Let's take a closer look at the various types of mouth sores, their symptoms, causes, treatments, and prevention methods. There are several types of mouth sores, but the most common ones include canker… Read More