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Where To Vacation At The Jersey Shore

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Where To Vacation At The Jersey Shore

Posted on: January 29th, 2018 by admin No Comments

Ignore the television show that sullied the name of the Jersey Shore. For decades, residents and visitors alike have known the truth that MTV didn’t show, namely that the Jersey Shore is a vibrant, family-friendly place with beautiful beaches, lovely homes, and good people.

No wonder visiting towns like Barnegat, Manahawkin, Long Beach Island, and others is so popular each summer.


When planning a vacation at the Jersey Shore, these are a few of the communities you should be sure to consider when deciding to take a weekend, week, or even a whole month away with the family.

Lavallette – The small ocean and bay community of Lavallette is a popular place for families thanks to its protected beaches, playgrounds, tennis courts, bike paths, and docks for fishing and crabbing. It has many small shops run by local residents, as well as waterfront property along the ocean and the bay. It even has a boardwalk for walking, jogging, or just taking a deep breath of the clean salt air without the hustle and bustle of resort town amusements.

Point Pleasant Beach – This is a community that manages to walk the fine line between a vibrant, active resort community and a quiet, peaceful ocean town. Point Pleasant Beach offers the architectural charm of past eras as well as the appeal of great dining and excellent shopping. The residential neighborhoods are quiet, but the downtown is bustling. So, too, is the boardwalk, which boasts the area’s only aquarium. There are also rides, games, places to see live music, and more at the boardwalk, which is located alongside a gorgeous inlet area filled with boating activity.

Long Beach Island – Located nearby communities like Forked River/Lacey, Manahawkin, and Barnegat, Long Beach Island is a popular destination that boasts a little of everything: great shops and places to eat, an exciting night life, quiet bungalows on the beach, sprawling waterfront homes, amusements, live music, boating and fishing, and a lot more. Our offices are in Barnegat, so we know Long Beach Island quite well, and we love it!

Belmar – Like Point Pleasant Beach, Belmar offers both quiet shore living along with attractions that will appeal to younger visitors. Old neighborhoods with cozy coastal homes are just blocks away from some of the Jersey Shore’s most active and popular nightclubs. Couple that with some of the best fishing on the East Coast, a vibrant boating community, and a downtown that is a throwback to communities of yesteryear and it’s easy to see why people flock to Belmar each year.

Seaside Park – Seaside Heights is the more famous community thanks to its sprawling boardwalk, landmark attractions and that awful MTV show, making neighboring Seaside Park the better choice for families looking for a getaway. The famous boardwalk is just an easy walk away through sandy dunes covered in dune grass, while the community itself is safe, snug, and secure in its own quiet little corner of the world. Many people retire to Seaside Park for just this reason.

The astounding thing about the Jersey Shore is that these five communities only just begin to scratch the surface of all the region has to offer. No wonder it is such a popular destination!

Tuckerton Sunset

5 Things to Look For in a Jersey Shore Restaurant

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by admin No Comments

Southern Ocean County is a fantastic place to visit. Pristine beaches, alluring attractions, great shopping, and of course, fantastic restaurants. People might think Manhattan is the place to go for an excellent dining experience, but the city’s overpriced cuisine doesn’t compare to the Jersey experience.

Want to find the perfect place to eat at the shore but don’t know how to start looking? How do you determine what is and is not a great restaurant? Here’s what we look for:


1) Their Specialty

Tastes vary, so there is no right answer here except what you prefer. If you are looking for a restaurant in our area, you’ll be able to choose from Italian, German, Indian, Mexican, traditional American fare, and many others – and of course the shore’s specialty, seafood. Get a sense for what your chosen establishment specializes in and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best.

2) Their Location

Under normal circumstance, you’d drive anywhere for a great meal. That makes sense. After all, what does it matter where you are as long as you’re getting a great dining experience? But in the case of seeking out good fare at the Jersey Shore, obviously location matters. Are you somewhere where you’ll see the summer sun? Can you smell the salt air? Will you be lucky enough to have waters views while you eat? All of these are important part of the shore dining experience, so look for places in attractive locations when seeking out a a great new spot near Manahawkin or Forked River.


3) Their Atmosphere

Atmosphere is one of the most important parts of the dining experience. The type of atmosphere you prefer can vary, of course. There is no right answer here, either. You might want a refined, elegant experience. You might prefer lively and upbeat and fun. You might like casual and homey and friendly. What is important is that you have a good understanding of the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, and that you look for a spot that suits your needs.

4) Their Prices

They say you can’t put a price on a good experience in Forked River or beyond, but that just isn’t true. In today’s economy, prices matter. What constitutes “expensive” is subjective, of course, so only you can be the judge of what is or is not too much. The important thing is to find an establishment that makes you feel as if your money was well spent. Did you walk away satisfied? Did you have an enjoyable night? Did you like the food? Would you return? If the answer to most or all of those questions was yes, the price was probably right.


5) Their Food

You might think it weird that we list this one last, but that’s only because finding the best restaurant in Barnegat, Manahawkin or other Southern Ocean County communities is about much more than just their food. Without a great atmosphere, good service, a great location and more, great food is only half the experience. That said, you DO want great food, so when all is said and done you’ve got to take this into consideration, too.

Good luck in your hunt!

Great Tips For Beach Life at the Jersey Shore

Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by admin No Comments

It may only be December, but for those of us living and working in Barnegat, Manahawkin, Lacey/Forked River, and other shore communities in Southern Ocean County, we are ALWAYS thinking about the beach. Whether for fishing, boating, or just relaxing, we love it!


The next time you’re at our amazing local beaches in Long Beach Island and the surrounding area, consider these tips from the Bayside team on how to make the most of your time in the sand and surf:

Plastic Bags Are Your Friend – Used sealable plastic storage bags to bring your electronics to the pool or beach, that way they are protected from the sand and water.

Take Baby Powder With You – Sprinkle some on your feet after you leave the beach and the sand will come right off! Your car will thank you for it.

Be Clever About Hiding Valuables – Everybody knows the usual spots (hiding your keys in your shoes, for instance). Get a little more clever than that in order to avoid theft at the beach. Remember, a thief only has a few moments to get to your stuff. Force them to take longer than they’d like.

Use Matching Beach Towels – Pack matching beach towels for the entire family. It will make your spot easier to see from a distance, and will allow you to more easily reserve chairs at the pool and other locations.

Plan For Some Down Time – It’s easy to get caught up in planning every part of your vacation, but be sure to plan some down time into each day. That little bit of flexibility can be a lifesaver, even if you only use it to wind down a bit before out to dinner.

Avoid The Jellyfish – The Jersey Shore doesn’t have big jellyfish problems, but once in a while there will be an unusual amount of then. Avoid swimming on those days. Their stings are more than a little unpleasant!

Understand Rip Tides – On days when the surf is a little stronger than usual, rip tides are a real danger. The best way to avoid a terrible accident is to understand how rip tides work. If you’re caught in one, don’t try to swim ashore! Instead, swim or allow yourself to drift parallel to the shore until the rip tide subsides. It’s the struggle to get ashore that causes tragedy, not the rip tide itself.

Don’t Bring Any Beach Toys – No need to up valuable space in your car by lugging beach toys down to the shore with you. They’re cheap and plentiful. You’ll be able to buy everything you need locally, and probably for only $20 or so.

Give Away Your New Beach Toys – On the flipside, save space in the car on the ride home, too, by giving away your beach toys to some other family. You’re only talking about $20 in goods, after all, and it’s all stuff that will probably rot in a closet somewhere. Why not make someone’s day better instead?

Have any other tips for people staying at the Jersey Shore near Manahawkin, Forked River, and the surrounding area? Let us know in the comments and share them with others!

Southern Ocean County The Perfect Place To Settle Down

Posted on: November 20th, 2017 by admin No Comments

When you have the ability to settle down in your dream home, you want to live in a gorgeous home located in a community that is both quiet and yet that has a lot to offer, that is scenic and beautiful but also fun and active, and that is removed from the hustle and bustle of urban areas while still having good access to New York City and Philadelphia.

People are finding just such a place in towns like Barnegat, Manahawkin, Forked River/Lacey, Long Beach Island, and other Southern Ocean County towns.

Long Beach Island 01

The reason is simple. Just look at the beautiful properties for purchase and rent. Southern Ocean County has some of the best waterfront property on the East Coast, boasting gorgeous views, great access to the beach, and a community that offers lots to do while still remaining quiet and welcoming.

For those looking to purchase in the area, there are many options ranging from small and modest to large, luxurious, and upscale. Long Beach Island has 18 miles of sandy shoreline that makes it not only a great place to take a family vacation, but also a wonderful place to live. One look and you’ll agree that the homes there are just gorgeous. A simple tour of the island will reveal many properties that will drop your jaw.

The mainland is just as nice. Communities like Barnegat are quaint and feel like home, small towns where you feel like you know everyone, and that have easy access to boating, fishing, surfing, sunning, and lots more.

With traits like these, it’s no wonder the communities of Southern Ocean County are bouncing back from Hurricane Sandy and doing better than ever. Take a trip through the region today and you’ll be greeted by vacationers enjoying rentals at the Jersey Shore, and year-round residents relaxing in their newly repaired homes.

If you’re new to the community, you may have an opportunity to buy a property and construct your own home. Bungalows and homes that sustained damaged may be perfect knock-downs to be replaced by a custom home. When you do that, you are putting your own unique stamp on the place where your family will live, and doing it in a way that will blend in with the shore community where you’re going to live. Imagine a house where every room, closet, nook, and shelf was designed with your input. The idea is exciting, isn’t it?

Even if you’re not building, you may be tempted to rent. For renters, be sure to make your reservations early. People who are eager to enjoy life at the Jersey Shore book early in the year to ensure they get their preferred time. Don’t miss out! Book right away.

With each passing day, more and more people are choosing to make Long Beach Island and towns like Barnegat and Manahawkin their own private getaway. Whether for summers, retirement, or just living a quiet life, joining them is probably easier than you imagine.