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Animal Teeth are AMAZING! Here’s Why …

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Animal Teeth are AMAZING! Here’s Why …

Posted on: March 24th, 2021 by admin

As dentists in Southern Ocean County, we see teeth of all shapes and sizes and configurations. The stuff we deal with, however, is pretty tame compared to the wild world of animal teeth. Consider these amazing facts:

Elephants – Elephants get a new set of teeth every 10 years so, with up to six to ten sets coming in over the course of their lifetime. Losing their teeth can be an Earth-shaking experience, too, because elephant molars can weigh up to ten pounds each! No wonder elephants don’t chew their food, they grind it. If you count their tusks, elephants also have the longest teeth in the world. They can weigh up to 400 pounds!

Snails – Snails are small and gross, but from a teeth perspective they are pretty amazing. They can have upwards of 25,000 teeth – and they’re located on their tongue!

Dogs – Your dog may chew on anything and everything put in front of her, but chances are she’ll get less cavities than you do. Dogs are much less prone to cavities than humans are because their saliva has an extremely high pH level.

Sharks – Sharks lose their teeth on a regular basis, often on a weekly basis, but they are replaced quickly by row after row of fearsome teeth that are constantly growing in behind the main set.

Crocodiles – Just like sharks, crocs lose their teeth often, but when any of their 60 teeth come out, another quickly grows in its place. Over the course of their lifetime a crocodile may end up having thousands of teeth. Another fun fact: crocs keep a clean mouth thanks to the help of small birds called Crocodile Birds that fly in and clean their teeth for then. We’re glad the birds do it, because no sane New Jersey dentist would stick their head in a crocodile’s mouth!

Dolphins – Dolphins may not resemble trees, but they do in one weird way: you can tell a dolphin’s age by counting the rings on its teeth.

Armadillos – These funny looking little creatures have 104 teeth – quite a lot for little guys. Not so funny is that armadillos are known to carry leprosy, the only animal other than humans known to be able to carry it.

Hippos – It may look like they only have four teeth when they open their mouth, but in fact hippos have about 40 teeth. You don’t see them because most of them are located well to the back of their mouth. (It’s also worth noting that they may look cute and docile, but hippos are actually highly dangerous, killing more people in Africa each year than any other animal.)

Rats – If you’ve ever had a pet rat, you know they like to gnaw on things. It’s not just a habit for them, either. They need to gnaw. Rat teeth never stop growing, so gnawing helps keep their teeth at a reasonable size. The same holds true for hamsters, gophers, beavers and mice.

Blue Whales – They are the largest creatures ever to have lived, having reached upwards of 110 feet long and the largest recorded weighing an astounding 190 tons. But they don’t have any teeth.

Giraffes – They’re much taller than you are, but their mouths are similar to yours in one way: giraffes have 32 teeth, just like you do. Still, we don’t think any Ocean County dentists are tall enough to treat a giraffe!


Can you think of any others? If so, feel free to comment on our Facebook. Maybe we can use them in a future column!

Our Furry Friends Keep Up Company During Social Distancing

Posted on: April 10th, 2020 by admin

Anyone who knows Bayside Dentistry knows we love animals. We donate to great local causes such as Popcorn Park Zoo, and of course, we ADORE our furry friends at home.

That’s why we’re especially glad to have them with us right now. They’ve given us a little sanity in a difficult time!

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some photos of our beloved pals (plus one or two that AREN’T so furry!. They’ve kept us company during these weeks our office has been closed and we’re glad for that. It’s easy to smile when these guys are around!

Why We Like To Give Back to Our Community

Posted on: March 8th, 2018 by admin No Comments

When we recently donated bags of goodies and dental care products to the Ocean County Vocational Technical Schools (OCVTS), which in turn donated them to children at Noah’s Ark Preschool, it wasn’t something we did out of the blue. It was maintaining a tradition we’ve kept up for several years now.

When these kids smile, WE smile.



When we held a donation drive for Popcorn Park Zoo last autumn, gathering scores of goods to help them continue their mission of rescuing animals — cleaning supplies, dog and cat food, toys for the animals, and much more – it was much the same thing. It wasn’t a one-time thing for us. It was another in a series of donation drives and fundraisers we’ve held for Popcorn Park.

We love animals here, so for us, helping them help animals is a no-brainer.

The reason for all this is pretty simple: We’re not just a dentist office in Ocean County. We don’t just work here. We live here, too. We’re part of the community.

Our doctors fish in these waters. We stroll these beaches. We eat at the local restaurants. Our children go to school here, our friends are here, our lives are here.

That means we take our community seriously. We want it to be a better place. Giving you a beautiful smile is ostensibly why our office is here, yes — we are a dental office serving Barnegat, Forked River, Manahawkin, and all of Southern Ocean County, after all — but we’re also here because we’ve built our lives here, just like you.

And for us, that means it’s important for us to give back.

After all, the community has supported us for some 35 years. The least we can do is return the favor.

If you’d like to know more about our efforts to give back to the community, don’t hesitate to find us on Facebook or call us at 609-698-1155.