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Great Tips For Beach Life at the Jersey Shore

December 20, 2017 Great Tips For Beach Life at the Jersey Shore

It may only be December, but for those of us living and working in Barnegat, Manahawkin, Lacey/Forked River, and other shore communities in Southern Ocean County, we are ALWAYS thinking about the beach. Whether for fishing, boating, or just relaxing, we love it!


The next time you’re at our amazing local beaches in Long Beach Island and the surrounding area, consider these tips from the Bayside team on how to make the most of your time in the sand and surf:

Plastic Bags Are Your Friend – Used sealable plastic storage bags to bring your electronics to the pool or beach, that way they are protected from the sand and water.

Take Baby Powder With You – Sprinkle some on your feet after you leave the beach and the sand will come right off! Your car will thank you for it.

Be Clever About Hiding Valuables – Everybody knows the usual spots (hiding your keys in your shoes, for instance). Get a little more clever than that in order to avoid theft at the beach. Remember, a thief only has a few moments to get to your stuff. Force them to take longer than they’d like.

Use Matching Beach Towels – Pack matching beach towels for the entire family. It will make your spot easier to see from a distance, and will allow you to more easily reserve chairs at the pool and other locations.

Plan For Some Down Time – It’s easy to get caught up in planning every part of your vacation, but be sure to plan some down time into each day. That little bit of flexibility can be a lifesaver, even if you only use it to wind down a bit before out to dinner.

Avoid The Jellyfish – The Jersey Shore doesn’t have big jellyfish problems, but once in a while there will be an unusual amount of then. Avoid swimming on those days. Their stings are more than a little unpleasant!

Understand Rip Tides – On days when the surf is a little stronger than usual, rip tides are a real danger. The best way to avoid a terrible accident is to understand how rip tides work. If you’re caught in one, don’t try to swim ashore! Instead, swim or allow yourself to drift parallel to the shore until the rip tide subsides. It’s the struggle to get ashore that causes tragedy, not the rip tide itself.

Don’t Bring Any Beach Toys – No need to up valuable space in your car by lugging beach toys down to the shore with you. They’re cheap and plentiful. You’ll be able to buy everything you need locally, and probably for only $20 or so.

Give Away Your New Beach Toys – On the flipside, save space in the car on the ride home, too, by giving away your beach toys to some other family. You’re only talking about $20 in goods, after all, and it’s all stuff that will probably rot in a closet somewhere. Why not make someone’s day better instead?

Have any other tips for people staying at the Jersey Shore near Manahawkin, Forked River, and the surrounding area? Let us know in the comments and share them with others!

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