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How To Find The Best Jersey Shore Summer Rentals

March 6, 2024 How To Find The Best Jersey Shore Summer Rentals

If there is one thing that is true about the New Jersey coast, it’s that it is a fantastic place to vacation. There is a reason why millions of people make their way to the shore each summer: there is a lot to do in a beautiful location.

While towns like Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant attract a lot of day trips, Long Beach Island rentals are popular because this extended community offers the kind of amenities suited for long term relaxation, families, and other attractions that go beyond drinking at loud night clubs.

The trick, of course, is finding a rental in the first place. They can be popular and they can go fast, so if you want to get the very best Jersey Shore summer rental possible, follow these tips:

Use The Internet

It should go without saying that the Internet is your friend. Use the Web to finding listings, compare prices, scope out locations and nearby attractions, and more. Follow up with a call to local agents for detailed information.

Start Looking Early

If you’re not ready to act fast, you’re going to miss out on the very best Long Beach Island rentals, because savvy vacationers know that being first in line means you get first dibs on the best locations. Listings tend to start going online in January, so right now is a great time to start looking.

Book In June Or September

You may prefer to hit the sand during the peak of summer, but you’ll get the best rates by booking on early June or early September. These off-season periods mean you’ll spend far less on your rental, and the weather is still excellent this time of year, so you can enjoy plenty of time in the sun.

Look At Photos And Maps

When you’re examining Long Beach Island rentals, be sure to take a close look at as many photos as possible – and not just of your potential rental. Look at the surrounding area, too, to see what kind of community you’ll be in, and check out maps to see how easy the location is to access and what kind of attractions are nearby. Can you walk to a restaurant or watering hole? Are you a short stroll from the beach or 20 blocks away? Know before you book!

Be Ready For A Security Deposit

Most summer rentals at the Jersey Shore will require half the rent up front as a security deposit, so budget accordingly. And pay quickly, as many owners reserve the right to rent to someone else if your deposit is not received in a reasonable amount of time.

Book For The Next Year Right Away

If you enjoyed your stay, go ahead and arrange to book the same time next year with the owner at the end of your stay. Assuming you were a good tenant, the owner will be happy knowing they already have a week booked, and you’ll be happy knowing that next year’s vacation is ready to be marked on the calendar!